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    Nutri Ninja Blender & Smoothie Maker 900W - BL450 Series

    What’s in The Box

    • 1 x 900 Watt Power Pod
    • 1 x Pro Extraction Blades
    • 1 x 500ml Nutri Ninja® Cup
    • 1 x 650ml Nutri Ninja® Cup
    • 2 x Sip n Seal® Lids
    • Instruction Booklet
    • Getting Started Recipe Book
    SKU: BL450UK-support ninjakitchen_eu_uk_BL450UK_support
    Category Personal Blenders
    Colour Black & Space Grey
    Product Weight 2.2kg
    Product Dimensions 20 x 15 x 14cm
    Wattage 900w
    RPM 20,000 RPM
    Speed Levels 1
    Guarantee 1 Year
    Dish Washer Safe Components Yes
    BPA Free Yes
    Non Slip Feet Yes
    Barcode 0622356218306
    • 1 metre.

    • “Set the cup on a level surface. Place the lid or Pro Extractor Blades Assembly on
      top of the cup and align the threads so that the lid/blades sit flat on the cup. Twist
      clockwise so that the lid/blades evenly align to the cup until you have a tight”

    • “Unplug the power cord from the electrical outlet and call customer service for
      support. ”

    • “Make sure that your lid or blade assembly is properly assembled to the cup.
      Leaking may occur if it is misaligned when twisted onto the cup. Turn the lid
      tightly clockwise”

    • The food has been over processed. Use short pulses for best results. Press down on the cup in short interval.

    • “Either you are chopping too much food at once, or you are not pulsing properly.
      Reduce the amount of food in the cup.”

    • “For the cups, make sure that the tabs are seated in the slots and
      turned clockwise.”

    • Yes, the NutriNinja Personal Blender can make delicious frozen drinks.

    • You should not blend hot ingredients in the NutriNinja Personal Blender. Allow ingredients too cool to room temperature before blending then reheat once blended.

    • The Nutri Ninja® cups are designed to be taken on the go and fit in most standard car cup holders.

    • The NutriNinja Personal Blender has a 900W motor.

    • Yes, the blades are made with a high-quality stainless steel that is rustproof and dishwasher-safe.

    • “The Nutri Ninja™ Personal Blender is a high powered innovative tool with a compact design and outstanding performance.
      It is perfect for ice crushing, chopping, blending, and nutrient and vitamin extraction.”

    • No, coffee beans cannot be ground in this product

    • Yes, all jars are made with BPA free plastic.

    • Yes, the Pro Extractor Blades® and Ninja® power break down whole foods, ice & seeds for nutrient & vitamin extraction** in the Nutri Ninja® Cups.

    • Yes nut butters can be made using short pulses. Some scraping of the nuts during the process maybe required to ensure the nuts are fully blended.

    • Yes, we recommend using either the 18 oz. or 24 oz. jar.

    • The blades are made of stainless steel.

    • No, there are no microwave-safe parts.

    • “Traditional juicers provide little juice and remove the pulp which contains the healthy fiber, whereas the Nutri Ninja provides complete juicing with the benefits of entire fruits and vegetables, not just the juice.

    • Squeeze 2-3 drops of dish soap into the jar, fill halfway with warm water and pulse 5-10 times. The Nutri Ninja® cups are also top rack dishwasher-safe.

    Ninja Sip and Seal Lids
    Pro-Extractor Blades
    Twin Pack 300ml Cup
    Twin Pack 500ml Cup with Sleeves
    Twin Pack 650ml Cup with Sleeves

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