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Ninja Foodi OP300UK


Cook up to 70% faster¹ in the Ninja Foodi – the only pressure cooker that crisps.

Exclusive TenderCrisp Technology cooks and crisps food to golden-brown perfection.

Multiple cooking functions in one pot. Pressure cook up to 70% faster¹ than traditional cooking methods. Air fry crispy fried food with up to 75% less fat² than deep frying. Slow cook, steam, sear, sauté, bake, roast and grill tasty meals.


¹ Versus slow-cooked, braised, or low-simmer recipes.
² Tested against deep-fried, hand-cut French fries.

SKU: OP300UK ninjakitchen_eu_uk_OP300UK

TenderCrisp Technology

Pressure cook to lock in juices, crisp for the perfect finish. Switch from the Pressure Lid to the Crisping Lid to finish food with a delicious golden crunch.

Multiple Cooking Functions

Easily switch between pre-set programmes to create mouth-watering meals in minutes. Pressure Cook, Air Crisp, Slow Cook, Steam, Sear/Sauté, Bake/Roast and Grill.

Large Capacity

Includes a 6L cooking pot and 3.6L Cook & Crisp basket, holding up to 1.1kg of French fries or a whole 2kg chicken.

Complete One-Pot Meals

Cook mains and sides at the same time using the reversible rack to layer grains, vegetables and meat or fish.

The magic of TenderCrisp. Start with pressure cooking. Finish with the crisping method of your choice.

Up to 70% faster than traditional cooking methods¹, pressure cooking locks in juices. Then choose from Air Crisp, Bake/Roast or Grill settings to give your perfectly cooked food a crispy, golden finish.

Enjoy juicy chicken wings with a crunchy coating, fluffy roast potatoes with a golden finish and homemade fish and chips with delicious results in minutes. The interchangeable Pressure Lid and Crisping Lid are purpose engineered for perfect results every time.

Even frozen food is thoroughly cooked and finished with a crunch – perfect for days when you need to raid the freezer. Defrosting, cooking and crisping in one go, you can even TenderCrisp a whole chicken from frozen.

Multiple Cooking Functions

For versatile results in one pot, you can also easily switch between multiple cooking functions using intuitive touchscreen controls.

Air Fry crispy chips, golden vegetable crisps and guilt-free fried food with little to no oil, using up to 75% less fat than traditional frying methods².

Pressure Cook quick, tender, juicy meals up to 70% faster than traditional cooking methods¹. Super-heated steam quickly cooks delicious steaks, chilis, desserts and more.

Slow Cook to ensure your meal is ready when you get home, from tender pulled pork to casserole and risotto. You’re in control with adjustable time settings and High and Low cooking temperatures.

Roast golden vegetables, grill tender chicken breasts, steam delicate fish, sauté onions and bake tasty cakes to perfection. Versatile temperature settings give you complete control.

One-Pot Recipes

Save time by cooking mains and sides at the same time. Simply place vegetables and grains into the cooking pot, add the reversible rack and layer meat, fish or proteins on top to enjoy easy, complete one-pot meals.

Dinner ready before you are? Foodi can keep your meal warm for up to 30 minutes after cooking.

Includes a large 6L cooking pot and a 3.6L Cook & Crisp basket, holding up to 1.1kg of French fries or a whole 2kg chicken.

Ceramic-coated, non-stick dishwasher-safe parts make washing up easy.

Inspiration is included with a recipe guide in the box.


¹ Versus slow-cooked, braised, or low-simmer recipes.
² Tested against deep-fried, hand-cut French fries.

Colour Black
Product Weight 11.8kg
Product Dimensions 43cm x 36cm x 32cm
Wattage 1460W
Programs Auto-iQ programs – Pressure Cooking, Steam, Slow Cook, Sear/Saute, Air Crisp, Bake/Roast/Grill
Dishwasher Safe Components Yes
BPA Free Yes
Non-Slip Feet Yes
Warranty 1 Year
Barcode 0622356230278

What’s in the box:

  • 1 x Main Unit
  • 1 x Cooking Pot
  • 1 x Reversible Rack
  • 1 x Cook & Crisp Basket
    • The unit is programmed with a series of ERROR messages to prevent misuse which could damage the unit. All the error messages are contained in the instruction Booklet, please refer to this for further information.
    • Quick release is about 2 minutes or less. Natural release can take up to 20 minutes or more, depending on the type of food and/or the amount of liquid and food in the pot.
    • The cooking cycle is complete and the unit is in Keep Warm mode.
    • Make sure the pressure release valve is turned to the SEAL position. If you’ve done this and still hear a loud hissing noise, it may indicate your Silicone seal is not fully in place.

    Press START/STOP to stop cooking, VENT as necessary, and remove the pressure lid. Press down on the Silicone ring, ensuring it is fully inserted and lies flat under the ring rack. Once fully installed, you should be able to tug lightly on the ring to rotate it.

    • Yes. The pressure release valve’s loose fit is intentional; it enables a quick and easy transition between SEAL and VENT and helps regulate pressure by releasing small amounts of steam during cooking to ensure great results. Please make sure it is turned as far as possible toward the SEAL position when pressure cooking and as far as possible toward the VENT position when quick releasing.
  • • As a safety feature, the pressure lid will not unlock until the unit is completely depressurised. Turn the pressure release valve to the VENT position to quick release the pressurised steam. A quick burst of steam will spurt out of the pressure release valve. When the steam is completely released, the unit will be ready to open. Turn the pressure lid anticlockwise, then lift it up and away from you

    • It’s normal for steam to release through the pressure release valve during cooking. Leave the pressure release valve in the VENT position for Steam, Slow Cook, and Sear/Sauté.
    • The rotating lights will display on the screen to indicate the unit is building pressure. Lights are rotating on the display screen when using the Pressure or Steam function.
    • This indicates the unit is building pressure or preheating when using STEAM or PRESSURE. When the unit has finished building pressure, your set cook time will begin counting down.
    • You may have set hours rather than minutes. When setting time, the display will show HH:MM and the time will increase/decrease in minute increments.
    • Cooking times may vary based on the selected temperature, current temperature of the cooking pot, and temperature or quantity of the ingredients.
    • Check to make sure your Silicone ring is fully seated and flush against the lid. If installed correctly, you should be able to tug lightly on the ring to rotate it.
    • Check that the pressure lid is fully locked, and the pressure release valve is in the SEAL position when pressure cooking.

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Ninja Foodi OP300UK is rated 5.0 out of 5 by 11.
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Fantastic addition I bought this about a month ago and I wonder how we’ve lived without it. The pots and pans are packing up to join the circus in disgust. The stove is no more than an ornament. The Digi pots sit forlornly, neglected as they are no longer needed. The meals are cooked to perfection. French fries are again on the menu! So many recipes to try and so much fun to be had. The Foodi is King in the kitchen.
Date published: 2019-02-17
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Just love it!! I was lucky to buy this before the official launch date in the UK at the end of Feb - I absolutely love it! So far, I've cooked a whole chicken, chicken wings, potato wedges, chips, steamed veg, one pot spag bol, quiche etc etc - I am more than happy with the results so far. The only criticism I have at the moment, is that the time in the recipe book of 15 mins for a 2.3kg chicken, is way short. I was sceptical but followed the instructions - still raw in the middle so I put back on for a further 12 mins, much better.
Date published: 2019-02-12
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Makes the most amazing, crispy chicken As a food blogger and recipe creator I can truly say, hand on heart, that the ninja foodie must be one of my favourite kitchen gadgets…. ever! Unlike other appliances that claim to be multifunction, the ninja foodie really does deliver everything that it promises. Although it may initially seem like a bit of a beast, it saves room as you have so many uses in the one product. The large cooking pot is incredibly useful for batch cooking. The fact that it is completely enclosed means that food retains all its colours, flavours and most importantly all of its nutrients. It also means there is less washing up which is great for me as I struggle with chronic fatigue. The pressure cooker, steamer, slow cooker and grill surpassed my expectations; however, it is the air crisp function that I am particularly fond of as it makes the most amazing crispy chicken thighs. An incredibly healthy way to cook delicious food, every time!
Date published: 2019-02-11
Rated 5 out of 5 by from All in one - magic maker I honestly do not know where to start my review of this amazing product ! - before having Foodi in my home i have used a slow cooker as well as air fryer - both of those took quite a bit of space on my worktop , so having an all in one is a God send ! - when i first read that it can crisp , steam , roast and slow cook and pressure cook - it all sounded a bit to good to be true ! - and let me tell you one thing - i was so wrong - Ninja Foodi does exactly what it says on the tin ! - i have never roasted a chicken in such a short amount of time - saving you not only time but money - most importantly chicken came out just perfect ±, we also tried cooking chips using the air frying option - my old air fryer "friend them for ages" - here with Foodi - 20 minutes and you are done ! i also love slow cooking - especially our family favorite Indian butter chicken curry , as well as chicken low mein and stews - the brilliant thing with a slow cooker is that you can come back from work to a dinner that is full of flavor waiting for you . - Ninja for me is a brand that is forward thinking - not all of us foodies have massive kitchens so any counter space is precious - having a machine that can do so much means i do not have to have an array of appliances in my kitchen .- it got 2 lids on for air frying / crisping and one for preasure cooking /steaming/slow cooking . Also Ninja Foodi is made well and feels robust and the sleek black looks fantastic i my kitchen . The all in one comes with easy to read instructions , a recipie book - to get you started - i have tried herb chicken and buffalo chicken wings and both were fab! ,and a cheat sheet to give you an idea as to how log you should cook a range of food items from meat (frozen and fresh ) to veg ( if you are thinking of getting a slow cooker / pressure cooker or an air fryer - save yourself space and money and get Ninja ! and by the look of other reviewers - i am not the only one who loves this machine
Date published: 2019-02-09
Rated 5 out of 5 by from A KITCHEN MUST Where do I begin with this one? I am seriously in love with this new kitchen gadget. You can now, slow cook, pressure cook, steam, roast, air fry amongst other thing... simply using Foodie. I love how convenient it is, you can create delicious slow cooked recipes and the caramalise the topping by selecting the air frier option. Perfect for both sweet and savoury dishes. You can make a quick and easy rice pudding as well as different pasta dishes. Well done yet again Ninja!
Date published: 2019-02-08
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Amazing! I wanted a multicooker like this for a long time and I’m so glad I’ve finally got one! It’s an amazing and efficient piece of kitchen equipment. I have cooked chips in it using the air-frying setting and they were just perfect. I can’t wait to try out the other uses e.g. for cooking chicken, as a pressure cooker and even to make desserts! It is so easy to clean and comes with a few different attachments so you adjust it however you need for the different settings.
Date published: 2019-02-03
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Ninja Foodi - Fun and Fantastic! Weighing 11.8kg and measuring 43cm x 36cm x 32cm, this is no lightweight! Take care when removing from packaging. Not only is this a slow cooker, it is also a pressure cooker, and can steam, grill, sauté/sear, air crisp and bake/roast! Goodness me.  On opening the box, the following items were assembled. First things first and that was reading the very detailed instruction booklet.  After washing the relevant parts in hot soapy water, I was ready to cook my first meal. I decided to try Beef Casserole in the SLOW COOKER. The recipe for this will be included in a future food article on my website! I used the SEAR/SAUTÉ feature to brown the beef first and this saved using an extra pan which would have happened had I cooked the casserole in the oven. There are two settings on the slow cooker, low and high. As I was in the house all day, I cooked the casserole on HIGH for 4 hours. An additional feature is the keep Warm feature which automatically switches on when the cook time is complete. NOTE. Make sure the arrows are lined up correctly when fixing the pressure cooker lid on. Turn to VENT.  Choose Slow Cooker programme. Then apply cooking time and press start. It was very tasty and with all the flavours locked in, no nutrients were lost. Hardly any washing up either which was a bonus! My neighbour often makes soup and a lovely one to make in the PRESSURE COOKER is Parsnip and Ginger.  It only takes 10 minutes to prepare, 7 minutes to cook and then once blended is ready to serve. I will be including the recipe in a future article and will link to this one. This soup is perfect on a cold day at lunchtime and if you have crusty bread to go with it, so much the better! The STEAM function is great for cooking fresh vegetables and broccoli only takes 5-9 minutes depending on the texture you like. I prefer mine to have a 'crunch' so  I cook broccoli for 5 mins. When I cooked some for a friend the other day, she prefers hers well cooked, so I timed the cooker for 9 minutes.  The broccoli was fine in taste, BUT I used the same amount of water - 275mls. This was a mistake as the water completely dispersed and left the surface of the pot singed. Fortunately no damage was done and the pot was easily cleaned. I will know for next time! Being one of my favourite vegetables as it goes with almost any dish, I steam mine to have with fish and the other advantage of cooking vegetables this way is that the odours produced from the broccoli remain in the cooker as no draining is involved. The AIR CRISP function is one that I have not come across before and so I started off with cooking chips in this.  You can use frozen ones but I prefer my own. I haven't owned a deep fat frier for years, so this method is healthier and tastier!  I  used an extra virgin olive oil spray on the uncooked chips and timed the cooker for 20 minutes. The chips I cooked were not greasy at all and tasted great!  The GRILL function is a great way to cook gammon, steak, bacon etc. Use the reversible rack in the higher position. The BAKE/ROAST function is the ideal way to cook  a whole chicken, a beef joint, a gammon joint etc etc and I shall be trying Teriyaki Chicken in a few days time. You will have no need for a separate Slow Cooker, Pressure Cooker, Steamer, Chip Pan or Air Fryer, so space will be freed up in the kitchen! There are many recipes on the internet for all types of cooking and I shall be trying out various recipes to cook in my Foodi.
Date published: 2019-02-03
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Best kitchen gadget ever! I love my Ninja Foodi and ll my friends are so jealous. within a week of delivery I use it so much to test and try and cook as many different things as possible so I can compare to my previous ways. I still use on an almost daily basis, its so versatile and easy to use, even my husband and also my 11 year old can use it without any problems, especially with the handing recipe guides and cheat sheet which are included and also, so many recipes available online. The buttons and options on the front of the Ninja Foodi are very well laid out and simple to follow, as long as you follow the included cheat sheet or any recipes you have found, you really cannot go wrong. My friends and family are so jealous at how easily I am able to cook delicious meals, which would normally take hours to prepare and cook. The first thing I tried was Chips in the Air Crisper, and I can honestly tell you my family are converted and no more oil fried chips for us, the chips were so good and the couldn't tell the difference. I also made the following with amazing results! Air-crisp samosas, Baked Pastries, Pressure cook meat for a Lamb Curry, Mac and cheese, Lentils Curry, Lamb Pilau Rice, Steam fish.
Date published: 2019-02-01
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