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Ava is a vegan food writer, stylist and recipe developer living in London. She set up Guac & Roll in 2012 and loves sharing vegan food with friends and family at every opportunity. Guac has now been featured in Stylist, Munchies, HelloGiggles, Chickpea Magazine and The Debrief. Ava now works full time as a food writer and as a resident vegan cook at retreats. In her spare time, she runs supper clubs in London, Manchester and Berlin.

Ava Loves:

Midnight feasts, Taco Tuesdays, farmers’ markets on Sundays (with strong coffees in every hand) and hanging out with my house rabbit, Buddy.

Ava Hates:

Aubergines have a lot to answer for.

I became a food blogger because:

When I first went vegan I didn’t feel like there was much of scene in London that I could relate to. I didn’t have any friends that were vegan and it was a little lonely! So I decided to set up the kind of blog I would love to find, and create a platform for the recipes I wanted to make.

My favorite recipe is:

Kale and lemon falafel


They’re so easy to make, inexpensive and perfect in lunch too. Even better- get your friends to bring their lunch boxes with them and make sure everyone has something homemade to look forward to the next day!